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2020-2021 Season Payment


NEW THIS YEAR! We will be having scheduled payments, so you will not pay the full $450 up front at registration time (now). We want to do this in the event the season is condensed in any way, as this will help to reduce the number of refunds we need to issue. You have the option to pay $450 up front but we are asking you NOT to. You will have three options when you get to the Shopping Cart page. You can (1) Pay in Full, (2) Scheduled Payments or (3) Payoff Offline. See below for details.

Option 2 - Scheduled Payments. Choose this if you want to pay via credit card (processing fees will apply).

--- $100 will be charged to your credit card now
--- $175 will be charged to your credit card on 10/15
--- $175 will be charged to your credit card on 12/15

Option 3 - Pay Offline. Choose this option if you want to pay via check. You will need to mail three (3) checks to the address listed below.  Your player's name and grade needs to be written on the memo line of the check.

--- $100 check will be cashed now
--- $175 check will be cashed on 10/15
--- $175 check will be cashed on 12/15

If you are choosing to pay offline, please mail your three (3) checks to:

PO Box 458
Waconia, MN 55387

Thank You WBA Parents!

Parents impact their children’s lives like no other people can… in sports as in every other aspect. Parents, even those millions who coach their own kids, do best by their children when focusing on sports as a developmental opportunity, rather than a do-or-die, win-at-all-cost proposition. Along the lines of a positive coach being a Double-Goal Coach®, who pursues winning and the even more important goal of teaching life lessons through sports, a positive parent is a Second-Goal Parent®, who focuses on that Second Goal, the life lessons. Unconditional love for their children regardless of athletic performance and a relentless commitment to helping them process the ups and downs of youth sports marks the positive sports parent.

                                ~ Positive Coaching Alliance

Parent Meeting Video

WBA Board Meeting Presentation (20 minutes):

Notes from the Board:

  • Save the date! 2020 tryouts are: Aug 22-23, 2020

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