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Please note - if you want your Team Manager to have access to schedule events on SportsEngine, please email and she will get them set up for you.

Thank You WBA Coaches!

Coaches are some of the world’s most important, impactful people. They are entrusted with young lives, often spending more time with them than their parents and teachers do. Coaches lead youth athletes in developing their skills in settings that can offer crushing parental and peer pressure, with a stark line between success and failure, winning and losing on display for all to see. It is critical that youth have a positive coach, a Double-Goal Coach®, who pursues winning and the even more important goal of teaching life lessons through sports. That way, no matter the outcome of a contest, all children can take a valuable, enriching experience from sports and apply it to the rest of their lives.
                                 ~ Positive Coaching Alliance

Notes from the Board:

  • All additional tournaments, MUST be approved by the board in advance. Teams are scheduled for 8 tournaments and can elect to play 2 additional tournaments.
  • If the team elects to drop a tournament and there is no refund given, the team would have to pay for a replacement tournament. This can happen when short notifications are given to tournament directors. 
  • Review your current team placement in tournaments and if there are any adjustments desired to level of bracketing, reach out to the tournament director and they can inquire with that particular tournament IF adjustments can be made.
  • Tournament Director - Angie (
  • Coaching Help - Rick for boys teams ( or Roxy for girls teams (

MYAS Updates:

Grades     Half-Court Defense  Full-Court Defense   Free Throws Ball Size Boys Ball Size Girls
3-4 Person-to-Person Only Not Allowed 12 Feet 27.5 27.5
5 Person-to-Person Only Person-to-Person Only 15 Feet 28.5 28.5
6 No Restrictions No Restrictions 15 Feet 28.5 28.5
7-12 No Restrictions No Restrictions 15 Feet 29.5 28.5

MYAS Basketball Tournaments

To view all MYAS sponsored tournaments for the 2019-2020 season!

Over Night Tournament Options

Over Night Tournament Options






11/23 & 11/24/2019

Spirit of the North-Duluth


Boys and Girls

5,6,7,8 Boys

6,7,8 Girls

12/14 & 12/15/2019

Duluth East Winter City Showdown


4th – 8th

One Day Tournament. 4th-6th on Saturday. 7th & 8th on Sunday.

2/22 & 2/23/2020

Rochester Girls Tournament


4th – 8th

Please see tournament website for further details. Online registration opens Oct. 4th.

2/29/2019 & 3/1/2020

Rochester Boys Tournament


4th – 8th

Please see tournament website for further details.  Online registration opens Oct. 4th.

2/8 & 2/9/2020

Brainerd Boys 5th-8th Paul Bunyan Classic


5th – 8th

Divisions 5th, 6th, 7th & 8th Grade; A, B and C Brackets (two days) Guaranteed Minimum 3 Games all Brackets. Online Registration only. Both online and offline payment options available.

2/15 & 2/16/2020

Brainerd Girls 5th-8th Paul Bunyan Classic


5th – 8th

Divisions: 5th-8th Grade A, B and C Brackets. Games on Saturday and Sunday only. Online registration only. Both online and offline payment options available.